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MoreX3!!! Tour First One-Man KRAPS HALL

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Today was the final show but, with a pattering, Sapporo edition is was changed and so I am updating form Hokkaido!

19th April was, was the continuation of the MoreX3!!! tour after returning to Japan from the U.S. It was the day that a One man show was performed at Sapporo, Hokkaido.
KRAPS HALL after a long time

Today’s live has become unforgettable.
I know the people who came to the show can’t understand but it was a surprise (that so many people came).

The memory of Sapporo was that for sure we have to come here again and make the kids of Hokkaido sing again!That’s what we thought and came back and we found them singing with 100%, no, 120% energy! We’d decided that kind of thing so, for sure I want to do a One-man show again in Sapporo!

This time’s tour had something similar like the OVER THE BORDER tour but the screaming voices of everyone had changed a bit.

But I realized a lot of things at the Sapporo show.

Everyone was singing as if they thought that I had been captured by the press!!

Thank you, Sapporo (^^)/~~~

120% Aimi’s report, I will return again for sure.

The crab and the lamb are awesome!
I love Hokkaido!



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