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We’re back Japan! and U.S. Report

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Long time no see~!

Stereopony returned to Japan safely. I have got rid of the jet lag and now I am digesting rice(that is a delicacy) and the earlier events.

Also, before going to the U.S. the Cherry tree right in front of the house

was not budding, young leaves were still growing …This year we couldn’t
go to the Sakura Viewing festival (ie. Hanami) and that makes me a bit melancholy.

During the time that we were in the U.S. our new song “Stand by Me” which
was part of the soundtrack for the ED anime, EurekaSeven OA was broadcast
but did you happen to watch it?

Eureka has a lot of fans!
It will be broadcast again today so please watch it till the ending song~

When I look back to our time in the U.S., we were there for around 2 weeks.
This time we’d got better acquainted to the American food and we got to
move around in the city.

There was a lovey-dovey couple we met in Seattle who where wearing the same
green* 6XL t-shirt and gave us a very cool pose!
Nice American Couple!*

Going to the beach that was like an amusement park and taking pictures;going to other places to take pictures, collecting information; going to the signing session, going to the photo session, the radio appearance, playing acoustic for the internet-live show, and the scheduled events other than the shows – is what what we did on the trip.

I am really looking forward to the release of the shots taken by our skilled
cameraman Mr.Heiya!
For the first time overseas, we got a day off. So we went to a big guitar
shop, an amp shop and a big shopping mall. I will blog about the shopping
in another post.

Sakura Con Bodyguard Tough Guy

Fitting! Nohana’s strength is enough!

Ah, we fell.

I don’t write it much but sometimes I should try American jokes. lol

Well then~!
Today is the first Sapporo one-man Live!

Don’t you want to go MORE! MORE!! MORE!!!

(*the word that Aimi actually uses in the earlier is green coloured shirt
(green is written with the kanji for green tea) and the next line is a play
on the words cuppa and couple as in Katakana they are the same.)


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