Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Thank You Seattle!

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Good Morning!
It’s 6:30 in the morning right now.
We’ve been getting up very early every day!

We were at Sakura Con for 3 days and we met a lot of people at Seattle~!
The signing at the show, the panel discussion and photo session etc. went well but this time it was our first time coming to Seattle and everyone’s amazing warmth, the street and shops are also nice and the west coast beach is also so big!

Yesterday we had very little time to go visit the city!
Seattle is the place were Starbucks originated, so we went to one of the shops in the market(area) during out sightseeing trip.

The first place where we saw Starbucks!

The shop we went to was small and there was no place to put your food but there was a procession!(queue)

Moreover they have a system of asking someone their order than the person’s name and then calling out to them to serve their order.

The shop employee wish me “Have a nice day!”
I felt like an energy spot from before had been activated!

The logo we could see was different from the new version but it looked a bit odd in the brown coloured version.lol

So there are people who follow us closely on twitter, the people who want to follow us in real time, please follow these links!


and after that here we come San Francisco!(^-^)/



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