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Sakura-Con 2012 – Day Two

Day Two of our STEREOPONY coverage at Sakura-Con 2012 was just as amazing as Day One. The STEREOPONY events that we covered today were the STEREOPONY Q&A panel, second STEREOPONY autographs panel, and our personal interview with STEREOPONY.

Today we (RSNiteblaze, arcluna, Elsuke, Drahc) were once again accompanied by gotchi (from YUI Lover) and fellow VGD member Destonus, as well as our other new friends, such as Tony, Rich, and Tom (new VGD member CelticSamurai201).

The Q&A panel is basically as it sounds. Convention attendees asked STEREOPONY questions, and STEREOPONY answered them. Among the questions asked were three, asked by gotchi, Drahc, and RSNiteblaze:

NOHANA-san and SHIHO-san both often provide backing vocals and sometimes a more pronounced vocal performance as in Oshare Banchou. Did either of you ever have a desire to provide lead vocals on a track? (asked by gotchi)
NOHANA: If they ask me!
SHIHO: I like lead vocals, but I wouldn’t want to do them.

Would you ever want to play in New York City? (asked by Drahc)
STEREOPONY: We would love to play at Madison Square Garden!

What is your favorite music video? (asked by rsniteblaze)
AIMI: Arigatou, because of the visuals of Okinawa.
NOHANA: Tsukiakari no Michishirube. It was a really hard video to shoot.
SHIHO: Hitohira no Hanabira.

For now, VGD members can view the entire Q&A on the forum. Credit goes to Destonus for quickly posting to the forum. We will be making sure it is accurate, so we will be editing it in the near future. So check back here for it later. View Destonus’s Q&A post here.

At the end, the attendees were asked STEREOPONY questions, and whoever raised their hand first and answered correctly received an autographed More! More!! More!!! poster. One of these winners just so happened to be Elsuke, so congratulations to him!

Following STEREOPONY after the Q&A panel:


Immediately after the Q&A panel was the second STEREOPONY autographs panel. RSNiteblaze and Elsuke got their white demos signed. Elsuke had the 2008.11.5 DEBUT demo and RSNiteblaze had the 11.9.24 DEBUT demo. Near the end of the autograph line, Elsuke laid out the banner for people to sign, out of sight from STEREOPONY since we wanted to surprise them with it at the interview.

We met a couple of nice guys in the line, Van and Johannes, who gave us their raffle tickets for the autographed posters that STEREOPONY would be giving away on Sunday.

At the back we also officially met Heather, the woman in charge of selling STEREOPONY tour goods to the attendees. On Day One of the convention, she allowed us to leave our business card flyers at the table, which was very nice of her. Today she kindly offered RSNiteblaze, Drahc, and Arcluna a STEREOPONY photo card, after we talked to her a little bit. Thank you again, Heather!

After this, we (RSNiteblaze, Drahc, Arcluna, Elsuke, and gotchi) returned to our hotel room and began preparations for our interview. Elsuke still had several messages from VGD members to write onto the banner, so we all helped him. We finished preparations, ate some pizza, and headed back to the convention to meet with STEREOPONY once more.

Currently, our interview is not ready to be published. We sent the recording to Hirotana to double-check the quality of the translation and translate some messages that the translator may have missed during our interview. Check back at a later time for the full interview in English and Japanese and then later in other languages.

After the interview, we retreated back to the hotel for some rest after another long day. That rest was cut short though since we saw on Twitter that STEREOPONY had finished interviews and actually went by the seaside to take photos and then grab dinner. After wasting much time thinking about it, we decided to try and pursue them. In the end, we didn’t find them. But we enjoyed a nice dinner at Ivar’s.

Please check back for more detailed information on each event when we make individual posts about them.

On a more personal note, I, RSNiteblaze, would like to thank all of the VGD members who have been supporting us while we’ve prepared for this event. And I’d like to thank all of those who we’ve met at Sakura-Con and decided to check out Very Good Days, some even joining the forum, and especially those who have talked with us individually and show their appreciation for what we’ve been doing.

We got one more day of Sakura-Con. We will be covering the STEREOPONY shirt photo event and the STEREOPONY poster raffle event. Wish us luck!


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