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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 12

Tokai no Mori

“Tokai no Mori” means Urban Forest. It first appeared in the first album Hydrangea ga Saiteiru.

The song is about the modern world we live in. Every place seems to be a labyrinth of buildings and people, where one loses their way very quickly. Even if you meet people, you break away from them, the people you pass in your life, you do that with a lot of strength as you hold back. The road is lost and the tiny sky between the building is crying. The impersonal tone in the song make it a composition inspired by the loneliness of the modern world. The last line though is the slight hope that we can still give it one more try at believing it will all change.

The song has a very modern poetry feel with the sentences being short but the effect played out in the simple but real images. The music is a very nice mixture of the acoustic guitar and the singing makes it as if this song isn’t sung by a single person, playing more on the lonely theme.

So enjoy the twelfth Stereopony Song of the Week – “Tokai no Mori!”


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