Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Right now the person who saw this blog is Rare

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I’m very sorry midnight
Because it’s been declared that I gave up on the blog rather quickly so help me not to do that
Lately all we have done is studio studio studio and that is not what we report but we have some rare information.

I don’t think its even uploaded into the Stereopony Info section?
Stereopony’s long sought Debut from FeS has been decided!

Mr.Ikoman and Bond team sponsers that we’re very thankful for,
they will have us perform at Fujikyu Highland's gated event.
having performing aritsts could be very interesting.

but what is Wktk?

Stereopony is performing a live on the 25th of March and so it's urgent notice and please check it out.
That was the rare news.

With a Doubidouba running nose,
It may be hay fever.



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