Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Stereopony Song of the Week, Week 10


The word “Akashi” means Proof. The song was originally written and performed by ZONE.

A song about a confusion, loss of direction and loneliness. When one is clouded by doubts and one is tired of feeling all the painful feelings that make you tired of doing anything, even sceaming, but you don’t know how much more painful it could get.

The song has very fast drumming as compared to Stereopony’s usual style. It is a very emotion-packed song that they covered for ZONE as a tribute.

A line from the song “I would feel a rush when someone cried for me at my death.” AIMI has to maintain a high pitch as the song is originally performed with very deep vocals. But AIMI continues with her higher pitch adding to the increased speed of the song. A great addition to the tribute album for ZONE, this song makes for a very dark song that would suit Stereopony’s style perfectly.

So, enjoy the tenth Stereopony Song of the Week, “Akashi!”


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