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A New Song And A New Stereopony Is Reborn

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A new song and a new Stereopony is Reborn

The blog update is a little late, but there are a lot of tastey treats for you!!

Eat up!!

Yes, the first, tada!

Stereopony’s song chose as Anime “Erica 7 AO” Ending! (16th Feb 2012)

it’s been seven years since “Symphonic Poem Erica Seven” broadcast!

Crossing over to this world with a “fresh new story”!!
“Erica Seven AO” starts April 2011

For this anime the decided ending theme is Stereopony’s “Stand By Me”!!

Erica Seven AO

* broadcasting office

MBS 4/12~every week Thursday 25:55~
TBS 4/13~Every week Friday 25:55~
CBC 4/18~Everyweek wednesday26:00~
BS-TBS 4/21~Every week Saturday24:00~


Hemenway “Escape”

Ending Theme

Stereopony “Stand by me”

Please watch Erica Seven AO and defiantly listen to
“Stand by me”!

Erica Seven Revival is done with Stereopony ending theme..!
New composition “Stand by me”
It’s done with such great feeling.

We look forward to the broadcast in March.

After that…

It’s been decided that Stereopony will be included in “Kera’s 13th Anniversary Best (tentative name) Music Compilation!”

It is famous fashion magazine “Kera”‘s 13th anneversary.
It’s been decided that this year there will be a compliation album released which has all the artists that are working with Kera!!!
They are having everyone who has strong relations with Kera work on an amazing collaboration!!

Title: “Kera 13th Anniversary- Best (temp. name)
Release date: Spring 2012
Releasing company: SME records
Recording artists: 中川翔子/北出菜奈/
Stereopony /HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR/アン ティック・and more
1st limited edition CD+ DVD
3,000 (SECL-1117~1118)
– DVD contains KERA models PV and B side contains Syndrome PV
Normal Edition- CD – 2,500(SECL-1119)

I had a very memorable experience with KERA’s Cover photo shoot

I love Sui-chan who is a KERA model.
KERA Album, KERABUM? ( it’s a play on words)
It will be fun

still a little bit more left to do~

Stereopony and a movie that has very strong bond with ” a Yell from heaven” DVD-fication has been decided.

For everyone who couldn’t watch the movie at the theater, please do check it out.

Rental DVD :Asemic, Kansei TV broadcast
Cell DVD and Blue Ray: Sales: Kansei TV / HappyNet Sale: HappyNet

After that

Today was 26that we had a full on amazing rehearsal

You must come and see the evolving Stereopony.

Date: 26 Feb, 2012
Place: Shibuya O-east: duo Music Exchange- Shibuya O-crest
Time: depends on the venue
Tickets: All venues pass: 3,500(1 drink included)
Performances: アシガルユース/AJISAI/A(c)/ecosystem/S.R.S/O.S.D./大知正紘/カミナリグモ/SAKANAMON/Sissy/Stereopony/SUPER BEAVER/7!!/ソウルジャンクションズ/チュール/Brand New Vibe/フリーウェイハイハイ/plane/LISTEN UP/ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D and more

It’s Stereopony’s First live of 2012 at O-East!

That was very tasty (thank you for the food!!)


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