Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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We became to be able to imform about the song little by little!
If you’d like, check out our site!

The happy information cleared at 0:00 today is the compilation album edited by KERA fashion magazine will include the Stereopony song!
That project is to make an album with the musicians related with KERA!
We’d sometimes worked with them.
AIMI was the cover girl of it once!!!
It’s honor Stereopony is picked up for this compilation album.
It’s expected to be released in next Spring! Please look forward it!!

And the Valentine’s Day project is broadcasting on Stereopony Mobile Site!!
The members were trying to make each original FRISK case at this time!!
The quality is owed by their personality in such works. lol


The acceptance to entry for the seats of public recording “J-MELO Spring Fest. 2012” at NHK on the 6th March will be closed at 23:59 today!!!
Don’t you forget the entry?
Come on to join the recording!


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