Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day

Tied with a ribbon

It was Valentine’s Day!!

I made something for the staff that I’m always thankful for.
What we did was meet up and take lots of pictures that we couldn’t take earlier…

This is one of the unique email photos that I recieved.

As *DecoPen is my favorite,I simply melted strawberry chocolate and white chocolate and decorated it!

The design is complete!

I wonder how it tasted…?

Did everyone make chocolates?
Did you give it to someone?
Did you get it from someone?
Did you become a couple?
Do tell me.

If you are able to give some chocolates , but you want to be on the side that eats
It’s a present for you~♪

*Deco pen is a pen to make cake icing decorations*


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