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Stereopony Song Of The Week, Week 5

Friend’s Lover

The song “Tomodachi No Koibito” first appeared in Stereopony’s second album OVER THE BORDER.

Tomodachi No Koibito” means “Friend’s lover.” A song about someone who falls in love with their best friend’s partner. A bittersweet song about moments when you realize that you love someone and that you want them to know how you really feel, but you know that it’s beyond your reach. A friend’s lover that you began talking with about dates and quarrels but a new love bloomed in your heart.

AIMI does a great job again with the amazing lyrics and vocals with a very gentle voice yet she has a perfect way of emoting the strong emotions one feels in a situation like this.

So, enjoy the fifth Stereopony Song Of The Week, “Tomodachi No Koibito.”


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