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Stereopony Song of The Week, Week 3

Effective Line

“Effective Line” is the shortest Stereopony song, which first appeared in Stereopony’s first album Hydrangea ga Saiteiru.

A song that’s about originality and individuality; in an effort to paint a monochrome heart with colors, “effective line” makes it obvious that every day we have to work to make things that are not good into something lively. We live and die but that does not mean that we cannot paint it in a million colors the way we want to. With nothing left to lose, we have to show that we can change. A song that says our lives have a very strong capacity and power to become something amazing.

A very amazing guitar piece and fast paced punk-style drumming adds to the rebellious streak in the lyrics. Putting back the stereotype for girls that they can’t change and be new, the lyrics are very simple and blunt. A good, long exposition and short vocals makes it a popular song for lives. Usually in the live, a drum solo is put in at the start.

Stereopony’s shortest song, yet has much to tell about their style. Monochrome life is a very common image that Stereopony colors with their music and their charged, heart-changing lyrics. Once again, the girls show their excellent skill at the start of their career and they will continue to do so.

So, enjoy VGD’s third Stereopony Song of the Week; make your life an Effective line!!!


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