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Year 2012

Happy New Year

It’s now the year of the Dragon.

How did you people spend the first day of this year?

I wanted to return to Okinawa so I headed to the airport early in the morning but something interesting happened over there.

When I went to the airport,I found that I didn’t have a ticket reserved so I couldn’t board the plane.

I got really irritated

but I bought the ticket there so I was peacefully able to go back to my family in Okinawa.

The culture to eat Okinawa’s New year’s noodles or Okinawa soba Dashi, or specially the food served during New Year’s is unique.

but hours d’oeuvrs or Kentucky fried chicken is refused and is only eaten for special occasions.

Sitting and enjoying with the family was a very happy start to the year.

So this way I want to be able to see a dream on the first night of the new year and it excites me.

Did you draw a fortune?

May 2012 all have enjoyment coming in from all directions, and everyday will be lived with devotion

Please look forward to working with such an Aimi


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