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Thank you once again for 2011

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There are only two hours left of 2011.

Good evening

This is the last blog of 2011.

How’s everyone doing?
Have you eaten you new year’s noodles? (new year’s soba noodles)

We aren’t having Okinawa’s soba noodles but we’d surely love to have it.
I really miss Okinawa soba (laughs)

All the people who came to meet us yesterday at our last live of 2011,we were really glad you came. Thanks a lot for coming!

The last song of the live was Blowing in the Wind and we were flying with it

After a long time, for a short time I had muscular pain but I hope this has also continued into the next year with the enthusiasm and energy from the live.

Every Year during the New Year’s or Debut anniversary, we go back and think about a lot of things but the one unchanging thing is everyone’s support that really gets us really choked up.. (with emotions)

We’re always grateful to everyone.

Please continue to work with us this way
Have good year ahead.



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