Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Thank You!

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The long night of fall during live performance
Tour, the first place! Tokyo!!
Seriously feels like flying…
This was really fun!
Everyone’s expression was glittery and splendid.
I could see all of it!

I’ve got high spirits!
There was a sensation of unity with everyone. Yea.

Thank you everyone!!

Ah! Yes yes.
Before the live event…we received a lot of presents..
Thank you everyone….(T^T)
Love you all…!

I received a Halloween theme birthday cake.
We all ate it for the launch!
It was delicious!!

Well, for now
I am still soaked in yesterday’s lingering memories, and whilst practicing!!

Still all the more reason to jump up even higher!
Everyone from Osaka and Nagoya

Please wait for us!!



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