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Tour’s Start- Shibuya!

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Good evening!

Yesterday was Stereopony’s ONE MAN tour start day!

The start was at Tokyo’s ShibuyaWWW which we are grateful for the Supeshi private preview event at the Live house.

All of Stereopony’s feelings were stuffed and later were replaced by the start with the feeling that was beginning here that made the excitement continue strait through the night.

We also received these beautiful flowers.

Because of everyone’s support we can do this tour’s first day.

from the middle of the live, from the start to the last of the last, the excitement was maximum and was increasing.

The tour will go from here to Osaka and Nagoya so the details will be given by Miffy.
Anyways, somehow the first day’s live was an overflow of emotions.

There are a lot of points to reflect on but because of the tour in Osaka and Nagoya will connect to our understanding.

For everyone who came yesterday, thank you very much.

I absolutely love singing with everyone!


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