Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Funny days of Ponies

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Sorry to bother you at midnight…

Recording is going good, so I’m so pumped up and I wrote this while I was excited!

OK, I can tell you how we’re feeling good…

It was cold from yesterday, I thought lightly clothed Poor Miss Nohana!

A little

A sexy shot


oh dear

this is


Aren’t you felt cold?
Yeah I wrapped Nohana’s legs with tissue paper, so I think so.
Do you think I was kind?

Are you pouting?

Or not?

What are you doing? (laughs)

Next is,..!
The Elephant appears again!

Mr Elephant, how are you?

Right Elephant and Left Elephant meeting


That’s an f**kin real Stereo-elephant.


I wanted to state the sentence.

Handsome SHIHO supported me dedicated (laughs)
But why did you make cool face for such a shot? (LOL)

Red Bull was charged in my body after a long time!



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