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Anime Herald Interview with Stereopony (2011-05-01)

The following text is an excerpt of the original interview by Anime Herald. You can also read the full interview on the Very Good Days Forum.

MF: Earlier this month, your newest EP Chiisana Mahou came out in American digital storefronts. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Stereopony: Aimi: Chiisana Mahou literally means “small magic.” We wrote it while we were on a short break, where we weren’t performing for a little while. We were receiving a lot of warm messages from our fans and felt like we wanted to write music for them. All of those words were kind of like, really making us positive and feeling warm, sort of like a magic in a way. That’s where the name came from. We wrote it for the fans!

MF: You mentioned in a few interviews that you began as an Avril Lavigne cover band. What led you to begin writing original content?

Stereopony: Aimi: As you mentioned, we performed cover songs when we first started. But, seeing the reaction, we felt the need to write our own music, and pen that out for the rest of the show.

AD: Of your own songs, which would you say is your favorite, and why?

Stereopony: Aimi: (thinks for a moment)

Nohana: That’s a tough question! (laughs)

Aimi: (laughs) We like all of our songs, but Hitohira no Hanabira, being our very first debut single. We wrote it before the debut, so it’s been a long time, and that’s probably the one we have the strongest feelings about.


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