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Anime News Network Interview with Stereopony (2011-04-25)

The following text is an excerpt of the original interview by Anime News Network. You can also read the full interview on the Very Good Days Forum.

Anime News Network: You’ve done music for Bleach, Darker than BLACK, Gundam 00, Tegami Bachi, Yatterman… do you have a favorite among these?

Aimi: For the Yatterman movie, actually, we got to go to the screening and we saw little kids being very excited, so that was very good to see that!

ANN: What’s your process for writing songs? Do you start with music, or lyrics?

Aimi: It depends, but for the most part we start with the music.

ANN: And what kinds of things do you base your lyrics on?

Aimi: We all write lyrics, but for me it’s whatever I want to share with other people.

Shiho: For me it’s more spontaneous. It could be from just sitting in a room or walking the streets or whatever I get from daily life.

Nohana: I write for our fans, the ones we see when performing live. So a lot of it is coming from an appreciation of them.


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